It was a wonderful experience to read the story to young children. They were very enthusiastic and eager to hear the story. The story was about a star that takes a little girl on a journey and shows her the world from its viewpoint. The star shows the little girl that it gives brightness to the world when it’s night time and when people can’t see. It comes out every night and it could always be depended on for it’s brightness. The star gives brightness to sailors who can’t see on the dark ocean at night, to all the animals on the farm at night time, to a baby cradled in her parents arms, etc. I related this story to the children and asked them in their home and at school, who can they always depend and count on? It was wonderful to see the children think about this and answer mommy and daddy. I reassured them that they can always count on their mom and dad at home and their teachers at school to teach them. So I told them make sure you thank your teachers and parents for always being there for you. The kids and teachers had a very positive response and seemed excited at the end. I gave each child a ‘star’ sticker for being good listeners. I had a wonderful time sharing this story with the children and it was a great learning experience for me.

Simki Shah (New Jersey Volunteer)

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